My Lawrence Harvey Experience...

Nathan Dawkins from our dedicated charity Regenerate joined Lawrence Harvey on work experience.  He spent the day learning about recruitment as an industry and experiencing what it is like to work in a place like LH.  Here's his story...

"Before today I thought I had a general idea of the recruitment industry and assumed I knew the types of people that worked in that environment. The picture I had in my mind was of a crazy sales floor filled with people without time to spare, obsessed with hitting targets.

In a way, this pre-conceived idea made me apprehensive about spending a day in this busy office environment in the center of London and I wondered if I’d be accepted into an environment that I thought was only fit for those with a similar mentality.

My experience at the Lawrence Harvey office was nothing like I ever expected.

Every single member of staff had a genuine interest in my career path and plans and as for the actual environment – amazing! Aside from the buzzing atmosphere with employees walking around talking on their hands free devices and music playing all day long, there’s a pool table most of the guys surround during lunchtime, a cardio gym, some cozy picnic benches and even an artificial lawn! So even if its summer outside you don’t actually feel as if you’re missing out!

As I wanted to experience a full working day at Lawrence Harvey my tasks were interestingly varied. I was given the opportunity to set up a new social media channel, completed some data entry, assisted with marketing and was even fortunate enough to experience the office celebrating a placement made in one of their international offices! Not once did I feel confused or silly asking the most obvious questions, the support system here is brilliant.

I had time with various staff members; some that have worked with the company for a few years to some who are new to the business and I got the same reaction every single time; they love working here! Not just the consultants, this ranged from the cleaner to the gentlemen that come here once a week to sell organic brownies, the vibe you get from this office is unlike any I have witnessed ever before.

What I wanted from my day of work experience was to get an honest feel of working in the recruitment industry, getting real testimonials from individuals that live and breathe this career.  It is nothing like I expected and I was really impressed with how passionate the guys were about their areas of expertise and the people they help to find new roles.

I can honestly hand on heart say I have had an amazing time working with all the great people and felt welcome every time I glanced up from my computer screen… smiles for miles!

In my experience, most normal offices are quiet with boring generic wall paper and scenery that could drive the most serene person insane. Lawrence Harvey, as soon as you walk through the door have a much better appearance and atmosphere compared to most offices that I have visited or worked at previously.

I have to give a big sincere thank you to all the members of staff at Lawrence Harvey for making my day here a brilliant experience. You guys rock like my grandfather’s armchair (that’s a good thing by the way)."


Lawrence Harvey are a unique recruitment business. CHOOSE TO BE DIFFERENT.