Our contractors

Our Contractors

Lawrence Harvey runs a global contract offering with contractors currently working compliantly in more than 30 countries. At the heart of this operation lies the most precious commodity…you the contractor!

We have been placing contractors for over 15 years now and the one overwhelming fact our experience has given us is that without a happy, well informed and ultimately well taken care of contractor then very often relationships and projects can be unsuccessful.

As a result Lawrence Harvey have not only sales consultants that focus purely on placing contract staff in one technical and geographical market (with native tongues) so that you as a true technical expert feel as if you are speaking to a clued up and well-connected agent but we also have a large and incredibly efficient back office and contractor care team that’s sole job is to ensure that every one of our contractors are taken care of from the moment that you engage with Lawrence Harvey.

This includes a contract creation team to ensure once you receive a job offer from Lawrence Harvey that your contract is created as quickly as possible to give you peace of mind, an in-house legal team that can offer advice on compliance documents and insurances you may need to work in certain countries, industries or to ensure you have the requisite documents to be tax compliant, and a contractor support team that will ensure you are set up and have the subsequent information to successfully submit your time and expenses to be sure you are paid on time every time. 

We at Lawrence Harvey are very aware that the engagement with a contractor does not start and finish with a placement, in fact the placement is just the very beginning of our relationship as a result you will have a dedicated contact throughout your contract make sure you are happy and content will the level of service you receive and also to assist you with finding your next contract thought Lawrence Harvey and hopefully others beyond that as there is no better reference point for us than a contractor who has successfully completed a contract with us previously, this is no better shown than in the stat that over 60% of our contractors currently working through us at the moment have previously been engaged through Lawrence Harvey in the past.  

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