Alex Guego

Director - Paris

Who am I?
I am Alex, I head up the Paris office. I started in recruitment in 2010 working initially on SAP and then developing different verticals such as Data analytics, business advisory and software development.
What do I do?
In Paris we have built 3 different verticals in IT, Digital and business transformation. Our flexibility and client proximity allow us to provide a personalized and tailored service for startup, big companies and consultancies. Thanks to a deep understanding of the industry and listening qualities, our recruitment consultants are able to give the best advices to candidates in their career progression for both permanent and contractor roles.
Why Lawrence Harvey?

In 2016 I made the hardest decision of my life so far which was to leave all I had behind in France, and move to London in order to build up Lawrence Harvey's French proposition with the aim of setting up the new Paris office. It has been the best decision I have ever made in my professional life, as, just one year after I started, it became a reality. So, basically Lawrence Harvey is all about delivering our promises. That’s why I continue to build trust within my team, clients and candidates.
Tell us something we don’t know…
A few years ago I used to be a pretty high level pool player in France when I lived in Brittany. I have been part of a club for over 12 years. It is quite crazy but I have been training 15 hours a week on average with the simple objective to become the best.