Del Connolly

Director - Manchester

Who am I?
My name is Del and I run the Manchester office

What do I do?
We do tech with a focus on security, data analytics and infrastructure & develpoment.
The team is dedicated to redefining the perceptions of how a recruiter can add value to both clients and candidates. To converse maturely and to engage on a far deeper basis than our competition. We are passionate and we aim to provide an excellent service but with personality. We love what we do. 

Why Lawrence Harvey?
Lawrence Harvey has a culture I've not experienced anywhere else. There are some unbelievable recruiters within the business yet absolutely no egos. From the CEO down to entry level- it's about sharing knowledge and helping each other. Nobody thinks they have all the answers. We work together to solve problems. Everybody is so welcoming, professional and fun to work with. Also dedicated to achieving goals and doing it for eour client, candidates, each other and the brand as much as for ourselves.
Tell us something we don’t know…
I am a massive fan of true crime books and podcasts. (I am not sure what this says about me!)