Malik Pendovski

Malik Pendovski

Team Leader

Who am I? 

Hi, my name is Malik, I am Team-Lead in the Munich office for Lawrence Harvey in the Software development section for permanent positions. 


What do I do?

My task involves identifying the right candidates for the right positions, and delivering clients with candidates who can fulfill their needs in different projects, or the development of certain software products and services. I am always talking to my clients and asking for their individual requirements, and likewise for candidates, I enquire about their skills to propose them with the right job. 

When a candidate reaches the interview stage, I prepare and debrief them, whilst ensuring to negotiate the best possible offer for them. A good understanding and deep knowledge about the IT market in the area I recruit for is crucial to deliver a certain service for candidates and clients. I have gained this knowledge from my experience in this industry, and this level of service is what separates us from other recruiters who are not specialized in Software Development technologies.


Why Lawrence Harvey? 

Lawrence Harvey gave me the opportunity to build up my own team instead of taking over an existing one. Furthermore, Lawrence Harvey doesn’t limit my way of working and approaching candidates and clients; I have my own way of working and am successful in doing it in my own unique way. Everyone is super ambitious and striving for success which is contagious! Everyone spurs eachother on to do better, and be the best they can be.


Tell us something we don’t know…

Something a little different, I am currently searching for very rare LP’s to add to my collection. I also love JRPGs, e.g. Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario, etc. Also, I like to watch Animes. I am not much of a party guy but love to celebrate mine and my colleagues’ successes. And I also love good food!