Infrastructure, Development & Cloud

​Infrastructure, Development & Cloud (IDC)

Infrastructure and Software Development has been a core part of the IT space since the first computer was built in the 1940’s! However, times are changing and we are now operating in a fast moving part of the IT arena that is seeking to live in a world of technology automation; this is opening up a number of new and exciting technology areas including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Within the IDC team we have a number of vertical niche areas including;


- Amazon Web Services
- Microsoft Azure
- Google Cloud Platform 
- DevOps & Automation
- Scripting & Code
- Private Cloud & VMWare
- Cloud Security

At Lawrence Harvey, we assist with the full end-to-end process of your cloud project, from discovery to implementation. We provide specialist resource from hands-on engineers, through to hands-off architects, up to technical leads and heads-of.

Software Development

- Backend Developers (.Net, Java, Python, PHP and Ruby)
- Frontend Developers (JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue.JS)

New products and the rapid digitalisation drive across the UK has created huge demand for quality development specialist across a range of Microsoft and Open source languages. Here at Lawrence Harvey we’re committed to helping our customers deliver world beating digital services in a rapidly evolving market place by working with the best development talent. If you’re looking to hire quality developers and
testers then we can deliver.

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