Lawrence Harvey are the leading specialists in Information and Cyber Security recruitment with an unparalleled, exclusive client base. Our end-to end, project approach ensures we provide our clients with innovative methodologies, industry specific expertise and comprehensive networking capabilities. The Security team engages with market leading companies across a number of market verticals including every leading global management consultancy, systems integrators, market leading start-ups in the Security Vendor space and global Fortune 500 Enterprises.  Our team continues to have successful partnerships alongside some of the leading, global technology brands on the planet.  

In such a competitive market where everybody is looking for the same Security expert, it is imperative that companies engage with a company who can best represent their brand in the market. The Security Team at Lawrence Harvey is a vastly experienced team having specialised in the Security space for the past 8 years, spanning two continents the team have built Security practices for a number of Fortune 500 companies. Our clients range from ambitious start-ups, growing pre-IPO’s to some of the most respected organisations within their respective industries. This reputation and client base gives the Security team access to the very best candidates in the market. Lawrence Harvey is well positioned not only to help you for local recruitment, but for future global expansion.                                                                     

Our expertise:

- Security Architecture
- Operational Security (SOC, SIEM, Incident response etc.)
- Application Security
- Governance, Risk & Compliance
- Identity & Privacy Access Management
- Data Privacy
- Senior Appointments (CISO, Head of Information Security etc.)
- Sales and Pre-sales

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