Max Fronicke

Max Fronicke

Manager - Head of Salesforce, West Coast

Who am I?

Hey, I’m Max. I Head up the Salesforce Recruitment Practice across North America for Lawrence Harvey.


What do I do?

With Salesforce, I have created a Practice to specialise in 3 key client areas:

Salesforce Partner Network (Silver through to Global Alliance), direct/end user clients and AppExchange companies within the ecosystem. This structure allows each member of the team to fully understand their candidates and clients needs, helping to save time identifying mutually beneficial partnerships. My team and I strive to be the best, and our unique culture helps us set us apart from our competitors, allowing us to be one of the fastest growing and successful divisions in Lawrence Harvey across North America.


Why Lawrence Harvey?

Lawrence Harvey are the most progressive company that I have worked for and the opportunities to succeed are endless… Of course whilst having a great time with friends both in, and outside of the office.


Tell us something we don’t know…

As a lover of sports, I have immersed myself within the US culture and follow 3 teams, in 3 different time zones – LA Dodgers, OKC Thunder and The Philadelphia Eagles. #flyeaglesfly