Lawrence Harvey s'est développé dans un premier temps sur le marché des solutions ERP (SAP, Oracle...). Face à l'évolution constante des technologies de l’information et des challenges liés à ces transformations, Lawrence Harvey offre désormais des solutions de recrutement en CDI comme en Freelance sur des projets stimulants, sur site ou en remote.

Notre longévité et réputation dans le marché nous a permis de construire de solides partenariats avec nos clients, en les aidant à contruire leurs effectifs dotés d'expertises niches. Nous avons ainsi contribué  de manière considérable à l'évolution et la stratégie de nos clients.

Que nos clients désirent agrandir leurs équipes existantes ou migrer des applications traditionnelles vers le cloud, développer une compréhension plus approfondie de leur base de clients à travers l’analyse de données, ou mettre en valeur l’expérience de leur clients avec des outils sociaux innovants, nous sommes le partenaire de recrutement idéal pour vous aider, conseiller et répondre à ces exigences.


Nos consultants sont des experts dans leur domaine qui comprennent réellement les attentes et exigences de leurs clients.

Au cours des années, nous avons maintenu des relations durables avec nos clients et avons acquis la réputation inégalable d'être capable de mener à bien des mandats complexe.
Dans une industrie en constante évolution, une compréhension et une connaissance approfondie du marché est primordiale .

Vous pensez à engager un freelance ?

Embaucher un freelance pourrait être la réponse à vos besoins urgents mais c’est peut être une option que votre entreprise n’a pas encore envisagé.
Nombreux sont les avantages de recruter des indépendants plutôt que des postes permanents et chez Lawrence Harvey nous avons des équipes spécialisées contract qui se concentrent exclusivement sur cette catégorie de recrutement.
Notre réseau de freelance est immense, ce qui signifie que nous sommes parfaitement placés pour fournir les meilleures solutions temporaires qui correspondent à vos exigences.

Alors, quels sont les bénéfices ?


My consultant's good understanding of CRM market trends and technical skills requirement especially in Salesforce ecosystem combined with his high energy and professionalism enables him to get right person for the role. He is a refreshing change from the paper pusher recruitment consultants as he brings a lot of value to the recruitment process through his deep understanding of the role and client. I have interacted with him in both capacity as a candidate as well as to hire Consultants. In both occasions he impressed me with his preparedness, transparent communication and openness to receive suggestions. It has been a pleasure interacting with him.

Engagement Manager - Salesforce

Over the past 18 months Lawrence Harvey have placed 15 permanent members of staff and 5 contractors with CloudShift ensuring that project deadlines were never put at risk due to a lack of talent within the organisation. This addition of occasional short term contractors also helped CloudShift with certain projects which required specific skills at critical times in the project implementation cycle.

Alastair Murray - Cloudshift Group

I have known my consultant for a while now and in all that time, his professionalism and sincerity ensures he delivers. His recruitment skills are excellent. He has the ability to influence people to achieve and he understands in depth, many areas of Financial Services. He motivates and inspires candidates to reach their full potential. He is compassionate about the recruitment business. He is excellent at recognising traits and skills to meet the needs of the company for which he is recruiting. This is turn, means that he is more successful and achieves. He is also extremely good at giving informal feedback which enables candidates to make the right decisions and to influence and grow.

Tracy-Ann Hilton - Generali

The complete end to end engagement with LH has been superb, they quickly gained a great understanding of the requirement from the client, effective and quick searches of the market for the resource and the speed of which they worked to get it over the line (with tight deadlines) was impressive. I would highly recommend them as a valued partner.

Dan Henniker - Insight

I have worked with my consultant for the past few years in my capacity as a Director of a Major international organisation, and as a private limited company providing Agresso programme management. I myself have a very strong background in all the Agresso modules up to and including Milestone 6 so I know the market and what I need. I am currently delivering two major programme for a local authority that are seen by the government as critical. I have needed the support of my consultant and the team at Lawrence Harvey in obtaining high calibre candidates from the Agresso/unit 4 background. The Agresso market is a niche market so getting the right resources can be challenging. However I feel confident that my consultant will source the correct candidates for me. He has a strong working knowledge of Agresso candidates which are available there skill sets, and he ensures that the candidates are a good match for my requirements, All of which this take time and tenacity which he is prepared to undertake. He will ensure I receive the max number of CV I ask for each role giving me choice, he also ensuring that my time and that of the potential candidates is not wasted.

Josephine King, Programme Director - Oldham Council

I have worked with my consultant at Lawrence Harvey on numerous SQL server BI placements and he has always delivered to my requirements. He has exceptional knowledge of the Lloyd's insurance market and well connected, making him one of my first choices for recruitment in this area.

Chris Cook, IT Manager - AmTrust at Lloyds

My consultant at Lawrence Harvey is one of the best recruiters I've had the pleasure to work with in all my years contracting. He understands the business he is recruiting for and develops very close relationships with both his candidates and clients. Great guy to know and extremely professional in every aspect. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Adam Browne, BI Developer - ERS

Lawrence Harvey impressed me with their delivery record and professionalism from the start. It was an easy choice to select them as the sole contract recruitment partner for our transformation programme.

Chris Loake - Close Brothers

I worked with Lawrence Harvey on an international MS Dynamics project. Quite frankly, I must say I was highly impressed with the outstanding service my consultant has provided! He demonstrated highly professional, positive attitude before and after contracting. The level of communication he maintained all along the project duration was beyond excellent. He handled all inquiries and issues we encountered in a way that always kept me focused on the project, and made me feel I was in the safest hands. He always went above and beyond the norm to make sure the project is running smoothly, and is adding value to all stakeholders.

Rami Haddad, Solutions Architect - MS Dynamics NAV - Q Solutions