Hiring a contractor

Thinking about hiring a contractor? 

Hiring a contractor could be the answer to your recruitment needs but perhaps is one your organisation hasn’t yet considered.

There are many benefits to recruiting contractors as opposed to permanent members of staff and at Lawrence Harvey we have specialist contract teams who focus solely on this unique area of recruitment.

Our contractor network is huge meaning we are perfectly positioned to provide the best temporary solutions to suit your requirements.

What are the benefits?

Flexibility – hiring a contractor means you have flexible access to skilled and experienced workers that you may not be able to justify employing on a permanent basis.

Skills & experience

Most contractors tend to be true experts in their fields and are hot property when an organisation requires a particular talent to help achieve their business goals.  Contractors are taken on for a defined period of time where organisations lack the necessary skills or headcount to complete projects.

For some companies it is an extreme or rare skill that is needed for a short period of time; a contractor is a far more cost effective and timely alternative to recruiting a permanent employee, especially is the particular skill requirement is short-lived.

In addition, where there is need for a rapid increase in headcount due to supplier demand, contractors can be quickly recruited to complement existing permanent employees.

Urgency & Effectiveness

Contractors arrive and start work immediately.  Contractors do not require the usual settling in period for a permanent staff member, they do not require training and will need minimal management and supervision.

Contractors are not the solution to every organisations requirements, but they clearly can bring a huge number of benefits to the client.

Contact our specialist contracts team now for more information on how hiring a temporary member of staff could benefit you and your business

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