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Mastercard is a publicly traded Fortune 200 financial services company that is a global innovator in payments and technology space. Mastercard serves as the second largest payment processing corporate worldwide. According to their latest financial reports, the company’s current revenue is at $21.63B. They are on a mission to reshape the digital economy so everyone can realize their ambitions. As a business, they offer several types of payments products to banks and credit card issuers.

The challenge they were facing.


Big Growth Plans in Legal & Privacy

We were tasked with helping them tackle these growth plans to help them achieve their goals. As specialist recruiters in the Legal & Privacy with a specialist team focusing on the Financial Services/Financial Technology space, we network day in and day out with top talent.
We provided an additional layer of support by tapping into a passive candidate network, covering a broad scope of the legal and privacy market relevant to the location and skillset.



We identified and secured talent across niche and hard-to-fill legal hiring needs. 



Mastercard wanted to ensure they were networking with a diverse slate of candidates which is something that is a core focus both internally and externally at Lawrence Harvey.


The solution we presented to Mastercard.


Search Reports

As part of our process, we were able to share the data of each search. This included the candidates contacted, candidates spoken with, the candidates we spoke with that we didn’t send and why. The feedback from each search was provided to ensure competitive alignment to market conditions.


Resourcing Team

To best provide a solution to the challenges Mastercard was facing, we dedicated a comprehensive resourcing team to the account to ensure we could be efficiently, and effectively resource for the positions while still maintaining a high level of service and detail.



After a consultation of understanding diversity at Mastercard, we learnt about the Diversity focus areas for hiring across the Legal teams and aligned this to searches.


The results

Within a six month time span, we were able to tap into the networks very quickly and provide some incredible profiles to the hiring managers.

  • Senior Managing Counsel – Privacy & Data Protection NAM Operations
  • Senior Counsel, Operations &Technology
  • Senior Managing Counsel – Privacy Operations & Technologies
  • Senior Counsel – Privacy & Data protection



‘Lawrence Harvey are great partners. Not only do they have an excellent sense of the market but they seem to have a secret repository of remarkable, undiscovered talent who fit your needs on day one. The privacy market has been incredibly competitive the past few years and on multiple occasions when we thought that we would never find someone, suddenly Lawrence Harvey sends up the exact candidate we need, already pre-vetted and prepared to meet with us.’

SVP, Privacy & Data Protection