SqlDBM is a Software Development company headquartered in San Diego, founded in 2017. They have 50+ employees. 

They provide a Cloud metadata management software for Snowflake, Databricks, Azure Synapse, Amazon Redshift, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL & MySQL. SqlDBM lets you diagram your entire database without writing a single line of code. 


What challenges were they facing?

SqlDBM were seeing an extensive increase in demand from their customers and were also trying to expand the features available on their product. As a result, they were looking to make some growth hires across niche technical Software Engineering and Cyber Security skillestes to give them the capability to do this. The Security hire was particularly pivotal to business needs due the increased cyber security compliance demands of enterprise customers. 


What were the Solutions you presented to them?

SqlDBM engaged Lawrence Harvey on two separate searches (Senior Software Engineer and Security Engineer), which allowed us to form two project teams to prioritise delivery on these vacancies. 


What were the results?

The engagement fees for both searches gave us the ability to commit increased resources (time and people) to both searches. The positions were filled and had the successful applicants for each role had accepted offers within 2 weeks of engagement. 



“It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Lawrence Harvey team. Lawrence Harvey is a top-tier, high-quality firm with a great track record in filling challenging positions in the industry. George was attentive, deliberate, and truly devoted to finding the best fit – culturally and professionally – for the company. I look forward to a continued working relationship with George and Lawrence Harvey overall and would highly recommend working with them.” 

- Hannah Gryska, HR Manager & Head of Support, SqlDBM